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Inoculants and bioinducers

Inoculante líquido especialmente diseñado para el cultivo de maní.Produce una nodulación más eficiente y asegura mayor capacidad para fijar nitrógeno.

Liquid inoculant with a pure formulation that stands out for its ease of use

Inoculant that promotes higher bacterial metabolic and physiological performance. It allows an anticipated seed application and improves logistics when the farmer needs it most.

Inoculant with Bioinducer technology that maximizes biological capacity of legumes and boosts Biological Nitrogen Fixation (BNF). It is an innovative formulation that defines a new performance standard in inoculation.

Is a Liquid inoculant for winter legumes that promotes a high metabolic and physiological performance of the specific microorganisms on the seeds. It includes osmoprotective technology.

Seed Treatment

Biological fungicide for seed treatment that achieves a greater control of diseases and offers an extended residual effect.


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