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We have become a leader in agricultural microbiology by researching, developing and commercializing innovative solutions for the growth of crops around the world.

Product Lines

Inoculants and Bio-Inducer
Last generation inoculant technology. Guarantees maximum efficiency in the process of Biological Fixation of Nitrogen, essential for high quality and productivity in the cultivation of legumes. Learn more
Seed treatment
Seedhealers for wheat, barley and soybean of biological origin with vast residual power. Allows for a greater control of diseases with a lower environmental impact. Learn more
Rizobacter’s adjuvant products are designed to improve the quality and efficiency of spraying activities. Learn more
Microgranulated Fertilizers
High value added products that guarantee a more effective and precise delivery of essential nutrients for the worthy growth of the crop. Learn more
Biological fertilizers
Bio-fertilizers for wheat, corn and sunflower seeds, elaborated on the basis of growth promoting microorganisms. It solubilizes phosphorous from the soil, allowing the development of roots and the evolution of the crop. Learn more