Microgranular Fertilizer

The technology of microgranulated fertilizers facilitates rapid access to nutrients, which are essential for the emergence and good development of the crop.


We offer value added products that guarantee the most effective delivery of essential nutrients for correct crop growth.

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Micro granulated Fertilizers

The technology used in micro granulated fertilizers represents a qualitative jump towards efficiency and precision in the fertilizing process. It enables quick access to nutrients, essential for the surfacing and appropriate growth of the crop. In Latin America, Rizobacter introduced it in alliance with the French company De Sangosse.

The correct nutrition of crops as a result of the use of fertilizers is key in generating good yields and maintaining the quality of the production within a sustainable system.

Starting with micro granules that are applied directly in the sowing furrow, along with the seed, it is possible to achieve maximum benefits as the result of the early obtainability of the nutrients, such as phosphorus, sulfur, zinc and nitrogen, essential for good development (growth).

The chemical composition of the micro granulated fertilizers is of rapid desegregation and perfectly absorbable. It does not provoke damages in the sprouting and is able to achieve the correct equilibrium in the minerals so that the developing roots are truly efficient in the absorption of nutrients, even when it involves cold grounds and momentary droughts.

Technology for the Preservation of Phosphorous (TPP)

Developed by De Sangosse, the micro granulated fertilizer includes a co-formulation of organic acids that provides extra protection to the portion of phosphorous content in the product.

  • It decreases the probability of fixation by the colloids in the soil or clay fixators of phosphorous.
  • It protects the blocking of metallic cations such as Al-Fe.
  • Diminishes the probability of blocking of orthophosphate in the presence of calcium.

Efficient Absorption

The low mobility of the Phosphorous limits the efficiency of traditional fertilizers. An application is only effective if it is with a distance of less than 2mm from the roots, so the element may be absorbed and not retained in the soil. At a greater distance, it requires the roots to develop up to the point of reaching the fertilizer, in this way having very low efficiency (from 15% to 30%).

On the other hand, micro granules -enhanced by TPP technology- are located on the same sowing of the seed, allowing for better contact with the roots, in this way improving the leverage of the Phosphorous and resulting in high efficiency per each unit of the element applied (from 95% to 100%).

Main Benefits of Granulated Fertilizing

  • The proximity of the micro granules with the seeds allows for the quick absorption of nutrients by the developing roots.
  • Initiator: contributes to the development of a root system and the establishment of a uniform and quick crop from the start.
  • Uniform Distribution of Applied Nutrients
  • EIn legumes, favors the conditions for the correct nodulation and the Biological Fixation of Nitrogen.
  • It is not phytotoxic in the recommended dosage. Each micro granule has the size of 0.5 and 1mm.