Inoculants and bioinducers

Inoculant with Bioinducer technology that maximizes biological capacity of legumes and boosts Biological Nitrogen Fixation (BNF). It is an innovative formulation that defines a new performance standard in inoculation.

Inoculant that is specially designed for soybean production under adverse conditions such as drought and high temperatures.

Is a Liquid inoculant based on Bradyrhizobium sp, formulated for the cultivation of peanuts. It is applied simultaneously on the seed and on the sowing line. It includes osmoprotective Technology (TOP).

Liquid inoculant with a pure formulation that stands out for its ease of use

Inoculant that promotes higher bacterial metabolic and physiological performance. It allows an anticipated seed application and improves logistics when the farmer needs it most.

Is a Long Life Inoculant (LLI) that allows for the seed to be treated -alongside fungicides and insecticides- up to 70 days before the sow.

Seed Treatment

Protección por mucho más tiempo. Fungicida de origen biológico para tratamiento de semillas que logra un mayor control de enfermedades y brinda un prolongado poder residual.

Protección por mucho más tiempo. Fungicida de origen biológico para tratamiento de semillas que logra un mayor control de enfermedades y brinda un prolongado poder residual.

A seed treatment with wide range of pathogen control, which combines two active principles: Fludioxonil 2,5 g y Metalaxyl-M. 1,0 g.


Rizospirillum is a biostimulant that contains Azospirillum brasilense, a species of bacteria that enhances plant growth.

Microbial biostimulant that promotes plant growth, increasing nutrients availability for a better development.

Crop nutrition

Microstar CMB BIO is the first micro-granular fertilizer in a chemical mixture associated with biological technology, which enhances crops nutrition and adds life to the soil.

The technology behind the Microstar PZ fertilizer represents a qualitative leap towards efficiency and precision in the nutrition process of the crops, pushing for its start.

VitaGrow is an organic-mineral foliar fertilizer, the result of 30 years of research and development of technologies that help increase crops productivity and sustainability.

An organically based fertiliser with an elicitor effect and Ascophyllum Nodosum based antioxidant. If mixed with specific fungicides, it allows to expand the action range of the products.

Fertiliser technology designed to maintain optimum levels of Zinc and Magnesium in the crop.  

Fertiliser technology designed to maintain optimal levels of Calcium in the crop.

A fertiliser designed for the maintenance of the optimal level of Cobalt and molybdenum in the crop. It's minerals have been chelated in a unique process patented by Cytozyme.

Bioestimulante del desarrollo y calidad de los frutos. Previene y corrige carencias de Postasio. 

Fertilizante foliar de base orgánica cuyo proceso de elaboración  consta de 5 etapas fermentativas donde se utilizan microorganismos seleccionados, eucariotides y procariotides.

An organically chelated foliar fertiliser of a magnesium base.

A technological fertiliser designed to maintain the optimal levels of Boron in the crop. .


Super moistening and dispersing adjuvant, only formulated based on trixiloxane and copolymer, without Nonyl phenol.

Lector de tarjetas hidrosensibles. Crea ensayos, escanea y analiza los resultados obtenidos.

An adjuvant formulated on greasy monoramified etoxylated alcohol (AGE). It is a tension active and moisturizer that improves the coverage and contact of the agro-chemicals over the foliar surface. It is free of Nonyl Phenol.

Increases the coverage, penetration and biological activity of the herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and foliar fertilizers. Its formulation includes silicon organs, modified-refined vegetable oil, in this way offering a unique wide-range product for high quality applications.

An anti evaporation product to be used accompanied by fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. It is a vegetable oil of medium to rapid rupture, emulsifiable in water. It is apt for use in fruit growth.


An acaricide insecticide for the secure and prolonged control of plagues in stored grains. Formulated with the active ingredient of Pirimiphos-methyl.

A molluscicides feed that enables an efficient control of slugs and snails. Its active principle is metaldheido methylate (a specific molluscicide) with a 5% concentration.


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