Inoculant that promotes higher bacterial metabolic and physiological performance. It allows an anticipated seed application and improves logistics when the farmer needs it most.


Bacterial protector that increases on-seed survival.

Bacterial protector. Increases the survival of microorganisms on the soybean seed treated with biological fertilizers.


A bio fertilizer that promotes vegetable growth based on microorganisms that promote growth (PGPR) of the Pseudomonas fluorescens species, specially selected to solubilize the phosphorus in the soil.

Microgranular Fertilizer

The technology behind the Rizostar PZ fertilizer represents a qualitative leap towards efficiency and precision in the nutrition process of the crops, pushing for its start.


It is a pH corrector with buffering capacity and an ability to captor high performing cations that improves the water quality of agricultural sprays.


Lector de tarjetas hidrosensibles. Crea ensayos, escanea y analiza los resultados obtenidos.


An adjuvant formulated on greasy monoramified etoxylated alcohol (AGE). It is a tension active and moisturizer that improves the coverage and contact of the agro-chemicals over the foliar surface. It is free of Nonyl Phenol.


Increases the coverage, penetration and biological activity of the herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and foliar fertilizers. Its formulation includes silicon organs, modified-refined vegetable oil, in this way offering a unique wide-range product for high quality applications.


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