Inoculants and bioinducers

Is a Liquid inoculant for winter legumes that promotes a high metabolic and physiological performance of the specific microorganisms on the seeds. It includes osmoprotective technology.

Bacterial protector that increases on-seed survival.

Is a Liquid inoculant based on Bradyrhizobium sp, formulated for the cultivation of peanuts. It includes osmoprotective Technology (TOP).

Seed Treatment

Curasemilla biológico para arroz que logra un efectivo control de patógenos y brinda un prolongado poder residual.

Seed treatment of biological origin for wheat that enables a better control of diseases and has long lasting residual power.


Anti-evaporating power and penetrating product, it emulsifies the products when applied, forming a protective film, in this way reducing the evaporation and improving its reaction with the vegetable cuticles.


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