Rizobacter initiates ‘Microbiolize agriculture’ for a sustainable and more productive system

The company is accelerating its research and development of biotechnology for the development of crops while promoting the use of crop protection products and reducing environmental impact. The challenge to produce more and better agri-food under a sustainable system needs concrete answers. Thus, Rizobacter has introduced this new concept of “microbiolization” to make the production […]


Rizobacter will be present at “Biocontrols Africa 2017”

As part of its expansion and growth plan in the region, Rizobacter will take part as an exhibitor in “Biocontrols Africa 2017 Conference & Expo”, on the 12th and 13th of July in Cape Town, South Africa. The event will be the first of its kind in the African continent and will be a meeting point for […]


Rizobacter has launched onto the market a new special adjuvant for graminicides

It is called Rizospray Integrum and it was developed together with Dow Chemical. In recent years Rizobacter has gained positions in the adjuvants market thanks to its growing range of innovative adjuvants and the increasing demand for the production of technologies which ensure efficient applications.   Under these circumstances, and with the aim of providing solutions […]


SOS against bad quality seeds

Rainfall excess during the last harvest in the main productive areas of the country compromised most of the soybean seeds to be used in future plantings. A wide spectrum seed treatment can turn into the best ally to recover health, vigor and germination power: Keys to choosing the best product.   After the very delayed […]


Diego Perrig: “We like what we do and that’s why we do it with passion”

Diego Perrig is president of INDRASA Biotechnology SA, a company jointly created by Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto and Rizobacter. Two years ago, he took up the challenge of this role and today he reasserts his commitment and enthusiasm. He talks to us about the objectives of the organization, what it is like to work in […]


Rizobacter: Launch of Gross Campaign 2016-2017

In Mar del Plata, Rizobacter launched its technological portfolio for this campaign.  During the event, Dr Marcelo Carmona, Phytopathology professor at FAUBA, explained the importance of including health in the quality parameters of the soybean seed, and more efficient mechanisms of control. Within an issue which proposes to rethink this ‘turnkey contract’ agricultural model, the […]

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Rizobacter launches a more concentrated formulation for all its inoculants lines

The new line of the company ensures a significant reduction in the application dose and ensures more efficiency in the BNF and in seed treatments. In this campaign, Rizobacter is presenting a more concentrated formlulation for all its inoculants lines, which increases the effienciency of the process of Biological Nitrogen Fixation by increasing the bacterial […]


Gustavo González Anta: “It is necessary to transform Science into Technology”

Within the framework of the plenary meetings of the AAPRESID Congress 2016, Rizobacter had the opportunity to inform the participants about its perspective and its entrepreneurial policy oriented towards the promotion and deepening of  research and development of agricultural microbiology-based technologies in order to continue adding value to agriculture. Gustavo Gonzalez Anta, director of the […]


Rizobacter and De Sangosse open Synertech Industries

In the presence of President Mauricio Macri and Governor María Eugenia Vidal, and through a joint venture between Rizobacter and De Sangosse, a new plant for the production of fertilizers has been opened in Pergamino. Pergamino, 28 June , 2016.- As a new incentive for the country and the agricultural sector , the Rizobacter Group together […]


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