Los Nodos Tecnológicos Tratamiento Rizobacter (NTR) (Technological Nodes Treatment Rizobacter) are professional treatment plants situated in different localities of the core area of the country having specific machines and a team of specialists to guarantee the quality of application and greater uniformity in the distribution of products on seeds. NTR treatments strengthen services to farmers because they constitute an integral solution to unify production processes.
NTR represents an integral solution to optimize processes:
• They are specific machines for the professional treatment of origin seeds.
• They use products from Rizobacter which have liquid technology that improve distribution and strengthen the quality of application, with the quality assurance that an agricultural microbiology company implies.
• Also, they have a team of professionals for the installation service, training and adjustment of equipment.
The purposes associated to the installation of this type of production system are:
• Improving significantly the quality of seed treatment regarding the one carried out traditionally in the field.
• Increasing the efficiency of therapics, inoculants and bio-inducers basically for a greater uniformity of distribution on seeds.
• Ensuring consequently a greater control of pathogens and higher Biological Nitrogen Fixation in crops.
• Improving the efficiency of work at the time of planting, increasing without doubt the practicality in handling of seeds treated professionally.