The ready to use seed is a technology that provides numerous advantages in the pre-planting process because it simplifies considerably the farmer’s tasks and reduces production costs.

On the one hand, it reduces the amount of product used ensuring greater uniformity and distribution of products. On the other hand, it optimizes its performance since it guarantees the application of proper dosage of high complementarity fungicides, insecticides, inoculants and bio-inducers. In this way, a higher quality seed is obtained with greater control, better plant stand and the performance potential of its genetics improves.

Rizobacter Argentina has developed multiple developments oriented to extend bacterial survival as it has never been done before in liquid formulations. Within its proposals, are the products including TOP Technology (Osmo Protection Technology) and the long life inoculants (LLI). Both of them have been specially designed to reduce the impact of fungicides and insecticides on bacteria, increasing the compatibility between the inoculants and the chemical products of seed treatment.