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Rizobacter launches a more concentrated formulation for all its inoculants lines

The new line of the company ensures a significant reduction in the application dose and ensures more efficiency in the BNF and in seed treatments.

In this campaign, Rizobacter is presenting a more concentrated formlulation for all its inoculants lines, which increases the effienciency of the process of Biological Nitrogen Fixation by increasing the bacterial load that each seed receives, with application doses that are reduced by between 33% and 45%, adding advantages in seed treatments.

In this way, the new line of inoculants HC (High Concentration) ensures greater efficiency in the behavior of this product which is key to the good development of legumes and it also makes the process of seed treatment more efficient. To be precise, among the main benefits of the new more concentrated, resistant and stable version, quicker drying can be mentioned, which improves the flow of the treated seed inside the drill. In addition, the reduction in the application volume increases the reception capacity of the products in the mixture, broadening the possibility of adding technologies by optimizing the complementing and integration of products such as insecticides, nematicides, stimulants, promoters, fertilizers and polymers.

This new advance in agricultural microbiology is in response to a global trend, registered in the ways of production, which aims at the application of more products and the combination of different technologies on the seeds before planting. Rizobacter’s constant investment in research and development allowed, in this case, the achievement of the HC formulation, made through a set of specific active ingredients where the key constituent is a disaccharide, which added to a new process of bacterial multiplication, achieve an excellent level of protection of the bacterial cell envelopes. This advancement manages to surpass the protective effect of old formulations and makes microorganisms more resistant to cellular desiccation, under the common handling conditions of these products.

HC inoculants reduce the risks which can be caused by high volumes of application, with a decrease in the dosage ranging between 33% and 45%, according to the product and the technology applied. Moreover, due to the changes in production processes, the shelf life of the product inside the container is extended, adding advantages to the logistics of the planting process. In addition, its presentation is more environmentally-friendly, by reducing inputs to the manufacture.

From this campaign on, among the main advantages which the new version of Rizobacter’s inoculants can offer for seed treatments, we can highlight:

  • Reduction of application volume.
  • Quicker drying of the treated seed.
  • Greater flow of the treated seed (deviation within the drill).
  • Lower detachments of the applied products.
  • Increase in the operating time and the work capacity of the treatment machines.
  • Greater receptive capacity of the products in the mixture to be applied.
  • Reduction in the size of boxes (more packs per pallet).
  • Reduction of the inputs to the manufacturing (water, plastic, cardboard, etc.).

Summing up, the new formulation ensures a high bacterial load on the seed, with a lower application dose, ensuring the greatest efficiency in the BNF addition as well as the proper operation of the other products applied jointly in the treatments prior to planting, achieving a greater control of diseases and insects, and the desired plant stands.