Bioceres buys 50.01% of Rizobacter’s shares

Pergamino, Argentina (19 October 2016). With the aim of promoting and globalizing its businesses, and consolidating its leadership in the agricultural biotechnology sector in South America, Bioceres acquired 50.01% of shares in Rizobacter.

Ricardo Yapur, CEO of Rizobacter, declared that “Bioceres’ entry as a shareholder is great news for our company”.  Undoubtedly, we are going to complement each other to continue being at the forefront of high-tech and to export the best of the national agribusiness to the world.

Moreover, concerning the mergers and acquisitions market of agricultural companies over the past months, Yapur highlighted that “we are proud we can come together to compete globally with the largest companies in the world.  Argentina has a lot to offer, we are well-known for our agricultural history, the excellence of our lands, our farmers’ tenacity and the international quality standards of our products and services, which emerge from companies like Rizobacter and Bioceres. It is the best partner we could have imagined for our dream to grow without limits into the world, without losing the identity, the culture and the values of a company from the interior of the country”.

For his part, the CEO of Bioceres, Federico Trucco, expressed that “the search for solutions which allow us to promote the productivity of crops requires an integrated approach, each day understanding with greater precision the different interactions associated with the leaps in productivity. Rizobacter has a tremendous platform of microbiological and chemical solutions for plant nutrition and protection, which in combination with the capabilities in seed biotechnology of Bioceres, encourages us to give great impulse to this idea. Rizobacter is a company that shares with us the desire to grow, take on risks and go for more. In order to achieve these dreams, there is a need for critical mass, and this is also part of the objective”.

This purchase is the result of a relationship maintained over time between the two companies. In 2014, the two companies created “Semya”, a joint venture which carries out joint research and development work on biological products for agriculture.

Rizobacter is positioned number one in the local market with a market share of 30% for inoculants and a share of 20% for soybean internationally. It markets its products in more than 30 countries, consolidating as a leading company for microbiological products. In 2016, it had an turnover for the financial year of more than 91.5 million dollars.

Bioceres is a completely integrated agricultural technology company, with a solid position of leadership in South America and access to agricultural markets worldwide through leading partners in the industry. Bioceres offers multiple technologies, among which we include seeds biotechnology and agroindustrial biotechnology, the latest dedicated to the production of industrial enzymes and fermentation technologies. Last year, Bioceres became the first company worldwide to receive regulatory approval for a drought-tolerant technology in soybean seeds.